DIY - How To Make Pressed Flower Suncatchers

Creating a pressed flower suncatcher is not only a delightful craft project but also a thoughtful gift idea for various occasions. Whether you're crafting it for someone special or as a charming spring-themed decoration, it's sure to bring joy. Consider making it as a lovely present for birthdays or Mother's Day celebrations.

DIY - How To Make Pressed Flower Suncatchers

These suncatchers add a charming touch to any window, casting beautiful patterns of light. Whether you choose to create a collection or craft just one to adorn your favorite window, they are sure to enhance any space. Consider displaying them on classroom windows for an added decorative element.

This activity can be split into two parts: first, gather and preserve flowers, and then proceed to make the suncatcher. City parks, especially those with playgrounds, often host various wildflowers amidst their grasses. Harvesting some of these flowers before they're mown is ideal for this project.

For an alternative approach to crafting these suncatchers, experiment with forming heart shapes. Utilize red, pink, and white flowers to create charming heart-shaped pressed flower suncatchers.

Materials Required

  • Pressed Flowers: Gather wildflowers or fallen flowers from your garden to press. Alternatively, you can purchase pressed flowers online.
  • Small paper plate or bowl for tracing
  • Self-Laminating Sheets: One sheet of self-laminating paper or contact paper will be required.
  • Scissors
DIY-Pressed Flower Suncatcher-2

Instructions for Creating a Pressed Flower Suncatcher

Step-1: Begin by tracing the outline of a small paper plate or bowl onto the self-laminating sheet twice.

DIY-Pressed Flower Suncatcher
DIY-Pressed Flower Suncatcher

If you prefer to craft a heart shape, utilize our heart template provided below.

DIY-Pressed Flower Suncatcher

Step 2 involves placing the pressed flowers onto the adhesive side of the self-laminating sheet.

DIY-Pressed Flower Suncatcher

Continue adding flowers or leaves until you are satisfied with the arrangement. You have the option to fill the space generously or leave ample gaps between the flowers; both approaches yield visually appealing results.

DIY-Pressed Flower Suncatcher-6

Step 3: Place another self-laminating sheet on top, ensuring it aligns with the bottom sheet. Smooth out any air bubbles or wrinkles.

Apply firm pressure to seal the two sheets together securely.

DIY-Pressed Flower Suncatcher-7

Step 4: Cut out the suncatchers along the traced lines. 

Trim slightly inside the traced line if you prefer not to have the line visible on your suncatcher.

DIY-Pressed Flower Suncatcher-8

Step 5: You can attach them to your windows using double-sided tape or glue dots.

These pressed flower suncatchers create stunning window decorations! If you enjoy making suncatchers, explore more delightful suncatcher craft ideas below!

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